What is cristo?

Lighthouse Via de Cristo is ​a local inter-denominational ministry, designed to assist disciples of Jesus to renew and deepen their faith and to provide some time proven means to become more effective Christian apostles.

“Via de Cristo ” is a Spanish expression, which literally means “Way of Christ”.

Cristo Weekends
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Hiking & Cycling Groups

If you desire to experience the ultimate outdoor adventure, our hiking & cycling group provides the perfect opportunity.


Swimming Group

Nestled in the heart of the loveliest little community in Northeast, the Unity Community Club is the area’s most charming pool club.


Indoor Sports Group

Conveniently located Indoor Sports Facilities. Join Table Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball or Yoga groups.

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"Inviting others to experience Via de Cristo is an amazing opportunity. It's not always easy but it is often exactly what they need."

Upcoming Weekend #60 Leadership

Don Snell

Rector for Weekend #60

Jimmy Johnson

Head Cha


Rectora for Weekend #59

Julie Johnson

Head Cha

We are grateful to our awesome ministry partners. Thank you!

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There are many ways to help out. You can volunteer to serve on the weekend, serve on the secretariat leadership, give your time attending events to support the current team and candidates, as well as support us financially.

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On these pages, we inform about plans for trips and events, as well as gain insight and feedback from members of the club.