News for June 2021

june 2021

Teams are getting re-formed again for upcoming weekends in October.  Get yourself into a Reunion Group Babe Chicks!!! 

See you at the next Ultreya on August 6th!!

Good News! This year the National Secretariat meeting will be the last weekend in July and it'll be online again, so we can ALL go!   More details coming soon!

Working on creating a news letter to shoot out to your emails... so please make sure we have one you ACTUALLY read!



CONGRATS to Ray Negron, our new Kitchen Secretariat representative! He's done this before, so we're in pretty good hands!

And CONGRATS to Karen Hautz, our new Secretary/Palanca Secretariat representative! Whether she's done this before or not... nobody knows what we're in for here!!

The Spiritual Director and Pre-Cristo positions are Open...  Please pray about these vacancies!!