Weekend: Rector / Rectora Theme
#1 Rector:        Jay Clark
Rectora:      Laurie King
Let Your Light Shine
You are the Light of the World
#2 Rector:        Bill Wemple
Rectora:      Peggy Clark
Not by Might, nor by Power, but by My Spirit
Let others see Jesus in You
#3 Rector:       Jim Cerbone
Rectora:     Sandy Hill
One Shepherd One Flock
I Surrender All
#4 Rector:       Bill Preston
Rectora:     Sally Coleman
Every Knee Shall Bow
Dying to Self
#5 Rector:       Andy Dyer
Rectora:     Carolyn Burhans
Seeking His Face
Create in Me a clean Heart
#6 Rector:       Paul Bowman
Rectora:     Pam Hendricks
You are the Light of the World
You Shall Go Out with Joy
#7 Rector:      Duke Murphy
Rectora:     Cindy Thomas
In His Steps
Not by Might, Nor by Power, but by My Spirit
#8 Rector:      Steve Thomas
Rectora:    Sandy Landis
Behold I Give You Power
They that wait upon the Lord will renew their Strength
#9 Rector:      Dave Clapp
Rectora:    Susie Wolford
Here I am Lord
They will Know we are Christians by our Love
#10 Rector:      Rick Burhans
Rectora:    Maureen Kisthardt
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
Come, Follow Me
#11 Rector:      Bob Igo
Rectora:    Vicky Whitley
I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens Me
Go, therefore, and make Disciples
#12 Rector:      Jim Kisthardt
Rectora:    Grace Roberts
Love One Another as I have Loved You
Wherever He Leads, I'll GO
#13 Rector:      Barry Whitley
Rectora:    Christine Igo
As for Me and My House, We will Serve the Lord
God is in Control
#14 Rector:      Ted Smith
Rectora:     Cindy Thomas
Make Me a Channel of your Peace
Let Freedom Ring
#15 Rector:       Bob Scobie
Rectora:     Trish Morris
Jesus said, "I am the Light of the World"
Jesus Made Something Beautiful of My Life
#16 Rector:       Rene Davis
Rectora:      Ditsie Scobie
Change My Heart, O God
I Love You, Lord
#17 Rector:       Doug Whitley
Rectora:      Janet McDonald
These Things are True of You
Love, Love, Love
#18 Rector:       Eddie DeNauro
Rectora:      Judy Whitley
In Everything Give Thanks
Come to the Water and Thirst No More
#19 Rector:       Bob Sheridan
Rectora:      Dorothy Oden
For God So Loved the World
Here I am, Send me
#20 Rector:      Tom Kirk
Rectora:     Jeannie Constable
Our Lord God Almighty Reigns
Make Me in Your Image
#21 Rector:      Dave Peck
Rectora:    Cindy Kirk
Be Clothed with Humility
Come and Fill Your Lambs
#22 Rector:      Charlie Callahan
Rectora:     Margot May
Jesus is the Way
Father, Bless me indeed!
#23 Rector:      Uriel Gonzalez
Rectora:    Lauren Kennedy
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
He Touched Me!
#24 Rector:      Mark Casinger
Rectora:    Kate Whatley
You Took the Fall, and Thought of Me, Above All
God is Good and His Love Endures Forever
#25 Rector:      Bobby Greatrex
Rectora:    Al Adewumi
Jesus is the Answer
Women of Warfare
#26 Rector:      Hector Colon
Rectora:     Enid Gonzalez
You are a Son of the King.
Seek My Face.
#27 Rector:     Steve Joyce
Rectora:   Denise Balbuena
Alleluia!  He is Coming!
For Such a Time as This
#28 Rector:     Garrett Lamp
Rectora:    Cindy Carver
Draw Near to God and He Will Draw Near to You
#29 Rector:     Cal Dixon III
Rectora:    Aggie Bischoff
Here I am to Worship.
In His Grace.
#30 Rector:     Doug Hercules
Rectora:    Carol Dixon
How Great is Our God.
The Name of the Lord Will Be Praised.
#31 Rector:     Kyle Lewis
Rectora:    Audrey Callahan
Shout for Joy!
Your Sins Shall Be White as Snow.
#32 Rector:     Dr. Bill Morgan
Rectora:    Mary Crowe
As for Me and My House, We will Serve the Lord.
Jesus, Bring the Rain.
#33 Rector:     Trey Looman
Rectora:    Jeri-Ann McCauley
Let the Worshippers Arise
Be of Good Cheer!  I have Overcome the World!
#34 Rector:     Mike Luksan
Rectora:    Mary Dean
Give Me a Revelation!
If the Son Sets You Free, You will be Free Indeed!
#35 Rector:     Bill Mangold
Rectora:    Sandy Jarvis
My Name is in The Book of Life
More Love, More Power, More of You!
#36 Rector:     Tim Sutliff
Rectora:    Karen Looman
Seeking the face and heart of the Lord.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
#37 Rector:     Glenn Hoyle
Rectora:    DaChay Lilly
It'll Be Alright.
Jesus Loves You!
#38 Rector:     Vinny Mejias
Rectora:    Billie Smith
Let the Fire Fall.
How He Loves us.
#39 Rector:     Mike McDonald
Rectora:    Louise Sutliff
I Refuse.
Put on the garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness.
#40 Rector:     Adrian Griffis
Rectora:    Linda Pearl McDonald
Lord, Let Your Glory Be Revealed From The Inside Out.
I Will Walk By Faith.
#41 Rector:     Jim Gerard
Rectora:    Paula Griffis
By Grace and Love We Are Free.
Forgiveness, Power, Security & Love. Jesus, What a Beautiful Name.
#42 Rector:     Mike Corey
Rectora:    Patty Morris
Just As I Am
Amazing Love.


Rector:   Mike McCalligett                           Rectora:   Karen Hautz

If you love me, keep my commands John 14:15         He Lives!


Rector: Jimmy Johnson
Rectora: Joliene Smith


Rector: Dell Horton
Rectora: Cheryl Bowen

Show me your glory Lord

Lay your lives down for one another. John 15:12
New life in Christ.  2 Cor. 5:17



#46 Rector: Tim Davis
Rectora: Joy Gerard

Rector: Dan Dietrich
Rectora: Vicki Luksan

#48 Rector: Todd Bauerle

Rector: Bob Rosa                                         Rectora: Jenn Meador

Behold, I am doing a new thing                               Love one another


Rector:   Geoff Gill                                                 Rectora:   Denise Davis

Hallelujah (Easter version)                                       King of my Heart

Rector:   Allen Teuton                                              Rectora:   Annie Dietrich

I Will Follow                                                          Fierce

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